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The Center for Creative Leadership collaborates with the Compendium Institute in applying Compendium to in leadership development contexts. The following papers illustrate our rationale and practices in using Compendium in conjunction with leadership development. Contact Charles Palus and David Horth for more information.

Reflections on Artful Practice: Compendium in the Context of Leadership Development
Charles J. Palus

Sensemaking techniques in support of leadership development 
Knowledge Management, 7(1).
Selvin, A.M., Palus, C.J. (2003).

Exploration for development: Developing leadership by making shared sense of complex challenges
Consulting Psychology Journal, 55 (1), 26-40.
Palus, C.J., Horth, D.M., Pully, M.L., and Selvin, A. M. (2003) A recent article titled Leading Complexity: The Art of Making Sense summarizes leadership competencies related to knowledge art.

Knowledge Art: Visual Sensemaking Using Combined Compendium and Visual Explorer Methodologies
Presented to: The Art of Management and Organisation Conference, The Essex Management Centre, University of Essex, at King's College 
3-6 September, 2002, London
Albert M. Selvin, Simon J. Buckingham, David Magellan Horth, Charles J. Palus, Maarten Sierhuis


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